Society Rules

Thank you for stopping by the site. We hope that you enjoy the interaction. There are a few things that we ask before you begin:

1. Please do not post a comment unless you have read the chapter(s) being discussed. This will guard against drive-by commenters who have no interest in true interaction. It will also aid in keeping you from looking like a complete imbecile.

2. If you are looking for a fight, you have come to the wrong place. We will not be debating version issues, music, denominations, etc. If you just live for those debates (and you know who you are), perhaps you can start your own blog. It is free and easy at

3. The materials we’re discussing here are of a distinctly Calvinistic bent. If that bothers you, see rule number 2.

4. Be charitable. There will be areas in which we will disagree at times. If you are not charitable, I will do everything in my power to completely ruin your life. Just kidding. I will delete your comment, though.

5. Have fun. What could be more fun than sharpening one another in the Word?


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